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Welcome to our site on dating, and all of the communications and miscommunications that occur seemingly endlessly. Communicating face to face is hard enough much of the time!
Technology should help communications but clearly in dating often does not! Just think of how easy it is to misread a text or email or facebook message, and then throw dating into the mix to make it worse! Yowser!
At least in person you have body language, tonality of voice, and far more for your “gut” to analyze. With electronic communications it is so much more difficult!
We concentrate on the Electronic or “E” part of dating here, although we cover other topics as well.
Take your shoes off, put your feet up, and stay a while!
We also love your questions and feedback.

Profile Pictures

People do not like writing their online profiles generally and often do a shoddy job. As we recommend always, get something “not too bad” up quickly and work on improving it, regularly tweaking and changing it. A critical part of a profile is your picture. It is enormously important for men and even more so for women.

Here are some profile picture dos and don’ts:

Do have at least one profile picture. Think about it: do you message anyone without a picture, and are you likely to answer someone without a picture? If someone is pictureless you tend to wonder what, if anything, may be wrong. Are they 500 lbs? Maybe they are married and do not want their picture out? Maybe they are incredibly ugly? I did once respond to and eventually meet a woman who had no profile picture and I must admit that she was pretty cute, surprisingly so, but that is unusual!

Do have someone else look at your profile pictures. You do not need to tell them what they are for. A simple, “How do these pictures look of me?” is all it takes. I’ve found pictures I loved others thought were ugly and vice versa.

Do regularly change your main picture. Did you know when you change it you suddenly become a brand new person in many people’s eyes? People who didn’t previously click through and see your profile may start doing it, and least some of them. Ever look at someone’s profile and have one picture greatly appeal to you and others less so? We all have preferences, and although all the pictures may be fine, one may particularly excite someone’s fancy.

Do not have only a “selfie” – especially not in a bathroom mirror! Yes, ok, if you have several pictures maybe you can get away with this, especially if you make it a joke, perhaps labeling it “mandatory selfie” or something similar. It does still need to be a good picture.

Do not have ancient pictures or otherwise pictures that no longer look like yourself! You will just shock whoever you meet, and it will never be positive! It will come off as deceitful because basically, it is! So many people do this that it is ludicrous. A picture merely a few years ago, if it still looks like you, is fine however. Many of us have older pictures we love and want to use.

Do not have a shirtless bare-chested picture (men) or only bikini/swimsuit pictures (ladies). For men this is a hard and fast rule regardless of how good you may think you look. Trust us, it turns women off. Women, you have more flexibility here, but if you only have swimsuit pictures (or only pictures showing massive cleavage), you will get men’s attention, but you are probably not sending the right message out there!