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Eastwood refuses this project, especially because Castroville is way too close to Carmel where he lives L1 123. Leonard still finalizes his project by modifying it. Mr. Majestyk was shot in 1973 with Charles Bronson instead of Eastwood.

Elmore Leonard, however, speaks of a sequel to Inspector Harry in Clint who is doing everything possible to see the project hatch L1 123. But, in the meantime, Jo Heims offers him a whole other role: that of a real estate agent propelled into a relationship with a “liberated” girl L1 123. Eastwood thus declares to the press: “I have understood the character well. She wanted me to play it. I said to him: “Jo, I don’t think I’m in the right age group L1 123”. He nevertheless agreed to direct it and Breezy was shot in 1973. The film was not a great success: it did not mark either the public or the criticsL1 124.

While Breezy doesn’t work, Warner announces that Eastwood will be reprising Inspector Harry’s costume for a sequel, initially named VigilanceL1 125. At first, the writers try to work on the continuity of the first film, but they quickly change their mind. In Magnum Force, its final title, Harry grows in charm, and he now has a relationship with a woman. This second film has a more simplistic plot L1125. During the shooting, Eastwood, also producer of the film, was often opposed to the director, Ted Post, because he wants to save the budget L1126. At its theatrical release, the film is denigrated by critics L2 7. We can read “always the same thing” or “muddled moralism” in American periodicals L1 127. The hardest is written by Pauline Kael: “as [Clint Eastwood] is not an actor, it is difficult to calling him a bad actor. He would have to do something so that we can assess his qualities as an actorL1 127. ”Despite everything, the film achieves a better score at the box office than Inspector Harry, bringing together more than 39 $ 000,000.

Stan Kamen then offers Eastwood the script for The Duckster. It is the story of a bank robber, veteran of the Korean War, who seeks to stay one step ahead of the members of his group. He befriends another man, nicknamed “Crow’s Foot”, during a trip. Together, they will recover the money that the robber already hid before someone grabbed it. Kamen refuses to sell the project if its author, Michael Cimino, is not the director of L1128. Eastwood agrees to meet Cimino, who is none other than the screenwriter of Magnum Force, and they agree on the project. Warner refused to produce it at the last moment, finding it too unusual for EastwoodL1 129, but United Artists took over the business. Clint doesn’t like this movie very much because Jeff Bridges steals the show from himL1 130; moreover, Bridges is nominated for an Oscar and not Eastwood. On the other hand, the film, of which many praise the qualities, does not achieve the expected success, which annoys him quite a bit. This is why the second film planned between Malpaso and UA does not finally see the light of day.

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