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This is not exactly the real reason since he did not move from 1940 onwards. The only sports that the future actor practiced are golf and tennis. He is not interested in team sports.

After having completed his first year at Piedmont high school, Clint Eastwood left for technical school. The reasons for this departure are rather vague. Some argue that it was because of the acting classes offered by the technical school that the actor moved to another institutionN 6. OthersL3 1 argue that it was the absence of black or Asian families that pushed Clint Eastwood to leave and others N 7 state that he left school at his request L1 18.

He finished his studies in this technical school. During this period, he obtained his first car, although he was not of legal age to drive it. The actor had two priorities in life: cars and girls. He satisfies his passion with his friends, between rides in the car and flirting in the backL1 19. We also notice that once his production company is created, he has a series of films on these themes: Le Canardeur (1974), L ‘Showdown (1977), Honkytonk Man (1982), Pink Cadillac (1989) and La Relève (1990). In high school, rather than taking acting classes, Clint attended mechanical and aeronautics classes. He does not think about his future, preferring to live alongside his friends rather than to work on his lessons.

In the early summer of 1949, Clint Eastwood left to join his family in Seattle. Despite his lack of qualifications, he got hired at a Weyerhaeuser Company factory in Springfield, where he stayed for a year. He then did several small jobs: he took inventory of parts at Boeing, drove a truck for Color Shake, then worked as a night watchman at Bethlehem SteelL1 23. At the same time, he followed a training course and obtained the diploma from the Red Cross. lifeguard L1 24. At the same time, he received his invitation to military service L2 2, where this diploma proved invaluable. He then decided to pursue graduate studies in music at Seattle University. The students are not taken back, because of the commitment of General Lewis B. Hershey to send 30,000 men in ninety days to Korea. Clint appealed to the review board for an L1 24 deadline, but was refused.

Clint arrives in 1950L1 25 at Fort Ord, the conscripts reception center, where thousands of young recruits arrive to reinforce the army of General Douglas MacArthur, who wishes to lead an offensive towards North Korea. His diploma as a lifeguard earned him not to go to Korea, but to become a swimming instructor at camp L1 26, L2 3. He was not sent to Korea thanks to the quality of his courses for which he ended up being a corporal, and is even the subject of a citation rewarding its meritL1 27.

As a military teacher, it is necessary for him to show composure and to show a spirit of command which is useful to him later, when he becomes a director. Clint Eastwood states that a film crew, “It’s like a platoon.

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