I personally Simply Calculated Outside Precisely why online dating doesn’t work for guys

Too bad the subscriptions are so expensive but the customer service is very efficient!

The common points are sometimes useless and outlandish but the meeting which is the main goal is very real!

Hello, regarding my request to change email, I am very satisfied with the site, given that it is impossible to have an operator through the phone, Very good Regards

The chance to meet the being who touches you finely and closely emotionally is immense, that of realizing it and correcting yourself, working on yourself is useful, I respectfully measure these two essential things that make me the being again loved that I am, sublimated at every moment of the love that she gives me, I can then give her from the bottom of me, my resources, everything that I still ignore every moment that make me discover differently in my life.

this site is serious, but when you have a problem they are absent subscribers, despite sending an email.

Really I absolutely did not believe in this kind of quote and I was really surprised to find true love it is so beautiful thank you very much.

There is a lot of blocked profits, probably because these people are not correct. From my experience, several profiles to extract money from you. Search by photo, incredible fake profiles ….. Very disappointed …. And thank you i can be reached by phone. Only FAQs …… Non-existent telephone service

Meeticien for qq time, I was blocked by a profile “Christine” that I never crossed and with which I even less exchanged …. Could it be a false profile more than I would have unmasked on another profile. As the site does not provide more details, I come here to get an answer.

You can subscribe from your mobile phone but you can no longer unsubscribe from your mobile phone …. why?

You are required to go to a computer to terminate your subscription.

On Meetic, let’s say tomorrow there are a lot of fake profiles activated by “network hosts” who contact you, “like” you and to which you can never respond because these profiles are fake or not activated.

Moreover, when you report the false profiles in question to Meetic, they do not even answer you ….. Meetic is a scam and a site to be avoided.

profiles that block you I ask myself the question why !! because not even had any messages ???

I’m happy for those who have succeeded me I doubt it but finally we’ll see

The goal is to sell, and sell. I took a one month subscription and had a lot of visits, even from people who no longer use meetic.

As soon as you delete the subscription, as if by magic, there are no more visits … or profiles without photos … odd no … I am disgusted with this site and very much at the end of the month that I can delete my account.

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