I actually Only Calculated Outside Why online dating doesn’t work for guys

On the other hand, the photo was for me only a first step and the rest of the sheet just as important or even more.

And I’ve always answered an email or a chat from someone who didn’t have a photo.

For Sheeps: I agree with you, my tests as a girl on meetic (;)) proved to me that most guys had a rather strange approach and not necessarily interesting … (I also tested without photo or advertisement and I almost received marriage proposals, or twice the same email a week apart …)

But at the same time, girls are more in demand, I admit that it is not necessarily easy to be original, especially since even by making efforts, we do not even have an answer …

I quit meetic today, after a few months of trying, many interesting encounters and a few hot nights, unfortunately I did not meet the one with whom I could have had a lasting and exciting relationship.

I now feel the need to leave a little to chance … before I can dive back into what remains a fairly powerful tool …

Although I do not agree with the conclusion – in the form of rebus – I find this note very informative. Very good.

Sheeps “You’re right, the approach is heartbreaking”, a simple “hi” do you find that heartbreaking? You would like us to arrive with our little red nose and that we approach all women with irresistible humor and in a very original way (unique for each woman of course, knowing that we must contact 50 / day according to anadema )? You have to come back down to Earth every now and then, take off your princess costume and take the initiative.

Here you are, stop complaining, put yourself in the place of the “opposing camp” and we talk again.

The only way to change this state of affairs (cf. the anadema article) is for women to contact first and start to make efforts (even if the goods come by themselves, it is not necessarily the first choice ).

FYI, one of the very (too) rare emails I received from a girl that I hadn’t requested first:

I registered and I go by connecting to osuvnet and for a long time how many will come to see my file.

It is still very expensive for little chance of contact in a remote corner like the Basque Coast.

I was registered a few months on meetic and netclub, part without photos: 0 contacts …… .. the other without: 50 in 2 months ..

I laugh when I hear women nourish physically based men.

I confirm, the girls are clearly harassed on meetic, and by approaches that are as heartbreaking as the ones you had. “Hi, how are you” or “hi miss, cutie”, not to mention those who can’t write “knowledge” without making spelling mistakes, it’s distressing. The good thing about all this is that it allows you to sort directly after the first word exchanged! 🙂

To read you it’s weird … either some do it really badly, or it is the regions (and their density) that want that … but personally (in Alsace), I now manage to have appointments without worries. .

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