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Jean Lagache is his voice for a few films (including Joe Kidd, Le Canardeur and L’Évadé d’Alcatraz172). Nevertheless, it was from 1971 that Jean-Claude Michel became the regular French voice of Clint Eastwood in most of his roles until 1997 (and uninterruptedly from 1980 to 1993 – including the film series L ‘ Inspector Harry, Bronco Billy, Pink Cadillac, Ruthless and In the Line of Sight172,173, etc.). Then from 1999, the year of Jean-Claude Michel’s death, Hervé Jolly succeeded him and became the most frequent French voice of the actor (Jugé culable, Space Cowboys, Créance de sang, Gran Torino, Une nouvelle chance, and La Mule) 174. Occasionally, he has also been voiced three times by Jacques Thébault (the Rawhide series, Un sheriff à New York and Sierra torride172) and twice by Denis Savignat172 (When the eagles attack and De d’or pour les braves). Exceptionally, Pierre Hatet lends him his special stamp in Les Proies172, Alain Doutey in Sur la route de Madison172 and Marc Cassot in the film Million Dollar Baby172.

↑ Note also that the authorized biography written by Richard Schickel under the title Clint Eastwood does not reveal any feature of the origins of the actor and director Clint Eastwood.

↑ Sonny is an English colloquial term, diminutive of the English son, meaning son. Sonny can be translated as “son”, for example.

↑ Where he meets Jackie Jensen, future star player of the Boston Red Sox

↑ This theory was advanced by Clint Eastwood’s first press officers. Nevertheless, it is quickly considered a lie: upon the release of Honkytonk Man, we learn that he was destroying all the efforts of his drama teachers who sought to give him a role in their play. English and drama teacher Sally Rinehart Nero says Clint Eatwood was not enrolled in any of her classes or workshops.

a and b This theory that Eastwood was noticed by Arthur Lubin himself during the filming of Francis at the wacs is incorrect, as Eastwood had already left Fort Ord when the filming took place. Arthur Lubin is a versatile director under contract with Universal at the height of his success in the 1950s. Clint is arguably the “hunk” these releases refer to. Nonetheless, the director explained that someone drove him to a gas station in Los Angeles where Clint worked. This is where the two men first met.

↑ See the dialogues of the passage where Clint appears on Wikiquote: Revenge of the creature.

↑ Anita Ekberg is also constantly photographed in front of the swimming pool of Villa Sands, where she sports her famous leopard skin swimsuit.

↑ Rawhide refers to untreated leather, or the whip made from that leather.

↑ Filming takes place between two seasons of Rawhide, allowing Eastwood to keep his contract with the producers of the series. It is besides this argument of Irving which decided Eastwood to accept this contract.

↑ A Sheriff in New York City was initially, before the script redesign, a remake of Rawhide.

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