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“Hm … Yes, how should you describe yourself? I like to laugh and sing a lot: D Some say I can even do it very well. I’m a loyal person. That means if I give someone my heart, it only belongs to that person . Even in bad times. Because those are also part of a relationship. You can go through thick and thin with me. I also don’t value superficialities. I don’t care how rich or poor, how curvy or thin you are . If you manage to inspire me with your voice, your smile and your way, you have a man who is absolutely loyal to you. Who will surprise you again and again and want to discover new things with you. Personally, I like to go geocaching, searching Lost places, like to travel, visit leisure and climbing parks, like to go swimming, love Halloween and am also enthusiastic about many things. I also just like the quiet evenings for two on the couch with a glass of wine and a good movie 🙂 And since I noc If you don’t want a premium membership, you can also write to me directly … (hidden)

“There is one for each other, feeling strong together, in order to overcome challenges, especially to love the weaknesses of the other … that would be almost heaven on earth! Which dear, nature-loving woman would like that too? Am a man with a heart , young at heart, very close to nature, big animal and dog lover! I’m not a career type, inner values ​​are more important to me than money and success! So an idealist? I’m looking forward to a few nice lines! “

“Although I am not a farmer, I have a dog and two dwarf rabbits in terms of livestock. I also cultivate a garden with two apple trees, a mirabelle tree and a cherry tree.”

“Looking for the right counterpart, a woman over 35, who like me, loyalty and honesty are very important, with whom I can build a future together, a stable relationship and more (start my own family) I am down to earth, reliable, close to nature and humorous, likes animals and nature, cycling, going for a walk, going to the cinema, meeting friends, partying, but also enjoying cozy evenings at home. “

“Writing something about yourself is difficult. I think you only get to know someone when you meet and chemistry decides the rest. Everything else you will see. Where else is the fun ???? Because the distances are not exactly correct , I’m from 48485 Neuenkirchen, near Rheine. ???? I like to ride my motorcycle, I don’t have enough time for professional reasons. “

“Good conversations, cycling, motorcycling, sitting in front of the stove, fiddling with my green roof house, dancing, everything that is more fun for two. Perhaps I should mention here that I do not have a mother cut, egocentric horse aunts, dog aunts or people who only deal with their problems looking to write. Thank you for your understanding. “

“Sporty, likes nature …. love life, cheerful and open-minded ✌️ funny, sociable person, emphatic, uncomplicated … I think there is still something going on …”

“I have already described a lot of details about my life. Furthermore: I do volunteer work on site, have accompanied local politics for many years. And: The many motorhome trips I made with my deceased wife were exciting: Europe, North Africa, North America. Now in my old age I maintain social contacts, in the home club, playing boules, playing Doppelkopf. “

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