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The risk of being robbed or even killed on site cannot be denied in some countries. So if you embark on such an adventure (which can be very nice), arrange first meetings generally during the day and / or in public places.

For the last 20 or 25 years I have tried again and again at intervals of several months to find a contact through newspaper advertisements. The answers, with the exception of a very very few, are often fraudulent. Purely priced to find a wealthy man. Three or four contacts were just awful. During this time I have certainly left a proud amount of newspaper advertising here. Result equal to zero.

Thousands of members are often advertised in these portals. What good is someone who lives 50 – 60 or more kilometers away from me? That is doomed to die from the start. In most portals you can also choose a very short distance. That is usually enough to get to know the few people who live in a reasonable visit to the radius around you. When you are done with these contacts (a few), so to speak, the topic is already done. And don’t be surprised if one or the other person appears under a different name but with the same picture in other portals. At the latest here you know what was really going on here.

In very, very few cases in the last 15 years (two people) something could have come of it if I had behaved better due to my inexperience with women. But that’s exactly what I’m doing because of the last point mentioned. Or my suspicion of cheating is in my way here. No matter how, where, or what. A very sad thing.

I became the victim of a scam by a certain Michel in Ivory Coast, with whom I fell completely in love and blinded by my loneliness, for more than 2 months, for a sum of € 26,000 and thank God I got in touch with an Interpol Agents, thanks to this gentleman, these scammers were arrested, then I was given a refund in addition to the indemnities.

I signed up on xing. I was contacted by a man there. Norwegian based in England, but currently in Berlin. When I asked about a personal meeting, an important business trip to Turkey intervened. 24 hours there he wanted at least 2500 euros from me to be able to pay for work. I ended this immediately. Now his profile on xing and the phone number is deactivated. I pricked my ears because he was already writing about love after 2 days.

Animators and decoys are even more frequent than the “big” fraudsters. They should, for example, get you to write more paid messages, take out premium subscriptions or switch to another provider.

Personally, I don’t think much of all this online dating with Lovoo and the like. I think most men go to such online dating portals because they don’t know exactly how to address a woman …

I think you can build up the self-confidence you need to just approach a woman and speak to her in real life and not just sit around on the couch and chat. Personally, in my opinion, the success factors for a YES are also higher!

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