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Flirting is basically a fun way to show someone you find romantically attractive. If you’re ready to flirt with someone, you already know that you find that person sexually attractive and that you like them. It may seem like a stressful thing to be the person who started the flirt and put yourself out there, but don’t be afraid — it’s perfectly normal to be nervous around someone you really like, and there are ways to successfully flirt and look confident. Whether you’re flirting in person, texting or online, it’s important to strike a balance between revealing your feelings and getting the attention of the person you like. If you want to learn how to flirt and need help getting to know someone, you can find general advice in this article.

Make eye contact. Eye contact is the best and easiest thing you can do to start flirting. You can look deeply into the other person’s eyes, but on the one hand, you need to cut off eye contact to avoid overdoing it. You can use the following methods while making eye contact:

Let him see you while looking at him. Instead of staring, give that person a quick glance. Continue this until the person you like notices. When you notice, look into your eyes for a few seconds, smile and turn your eyes.

Blink or raise eyebrows at the person you like. This is a very ordinary thing, but it works if you do it without exaggeration. You can blink or raise your eyebrows if you’re looking at someone far from a corner of the room, or when you say something about the person you like in a group setting.

Smile. If you are talking to someone you like, you will automatically smile, but you can gain an advantage by showing your pearly-white teeth before the conversation begins. You can also smile when you pass him in the hallway or see him in the environment, even if you don’t speak. You don’t have to grin with your teeth showing, a simple and unobtrusive smile will do the trick. You can try the following options:

Smile slowly. If you’re looking at someone but aren’t talking, try smiling softly instead of just grinning. Smiling softly and slowly is often perceived as a sexy move.

Smile when it comes to eye to eye. You can look more interesting by putting a smile on your face when you suddenly come to eye. (If your smile is sincere, the other person will understand it without looking at their lips – the corners of their eyes are wrinkled in sincere smiles, which is known as the Duchenne smile).

Start talking. Introduce yourself – or take a mysterious attitude (optional). If you don’t know the person you’re dating, introducing yourself (or not promoting it) can be great to start flirting with. Stay away from ordinary tempering tactics. It’s more effective to say hello and then introduce yourself or ask a simple question, and it doesn’t seem like a forced move.

Or if you want to show yourself as hard to reach, try to keep your identity a mystery for a while. If the other person really wants to know his name, he will ask persistently and try to convince you.

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