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Travel is an enjoyable activity; however, it is not possible to say the same things for packing. You have made the most appropriate choice among the travel suggestions offered to you for the holiday, and now it’s time to prepare the luggage.

The suitcase allows you to carry the objects and clothes you will need during your travel. Choosing the right clothes, purchasing the needed items and placing the suitcase in a way that it closes are among the important details. If there is a weight limit in transportation vehicles, this limit should not be exceeded. For this reason, it is considered as an art to prepare the suitcases that come to our aid when we are away from home.

The choice of suitcases suitable for your travel type makes the journeys easier. Suitcase models; It is included in a wide scale from pilot to large. Backpacks are recommended for journeys where you have little belongings, you will be constantly on the move, and you will get on different vehicles. Backrest ergonomic bags minimize the load on the back and allow you to carry the load in a balanced way. Special backpacks prepared for mountaineering are produced in large volumes. In addition to being ergonomic, they are designed to be very light. Cabin-size or pilot-sized wheeled bags will provide you with comfort for short-term air travels and business trips.

If the load you will carry is high, the light tare of the travel suitcase will gain a significant advantage. On the other hand, durable suitcases will help you protect your belongings on difficult journeys.

Choosing large-sized suitcases for long-term journeys ensures that most of the needed items are taken with the passengers. You may want to always carry some of your belongings with you on your journeys. In this case, cabin size suitcases and hand bells come to your aid. Handbags and waist bags are also very important when traveling. These bags ensure that you always have your valuable items and documents with you.

The suitcase preparation process can turn into chaos for beginners. For this reason, luggage preparation suggestions are often made. While preparing the suitcase, the duration of the trip and the climate of the place to be traveled should be taken into consideration in the first stage. Small suitcases are usually sufficient for a short trip (except in exceptional cases). Clothing types should be selected according to the climate and season.

The materials and clothes you will need in the direction of your trip should be determined. Separate equipment and clothing are needed for the sea and for mountaineering. You can also prepare small first aid items such as a band-aid in a small box.

Piling the prepared items out of the suitcase before filling the suitcase allows you to check whether all the needs have been received. It also plays an important role in keeping the suitcase more organized.

You should also consider the means of transportation and possible rules to be used in travel. During air travel, cutting tools should not be taken and liquid transport limits should be followed.

With suitcases prepared for big journeys, the biggest problem is that the items are placed in the luggage. There are special vacuum bags sold for these situations. It is ensured that the clothes are put in a vacuum bag and they take less space in the suitcase. You can get these bags by vacuuming the air after you put the items in any bag.

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