does online dating work? Certainly, When Anyone Conduct This Correct

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1) as long as the victims are only male and the criminals are female scammers, it is impossible for the sexist feminist courts to do anything since Italy is a feminist country.

The day that even the dumb sissies are scammed then the discussion changes and they will take action!

2) No scammed male has the guts to make a complaint they are all ashamed so none of them make a complaint.

There have always been scammers who make a mountain of money by defrauding lonely men, women know they can get away with it thanks to the current feminist society and the lack of male complaints.

Thanks to the internet for 20 years, women scammers or blackmailers have been able to hide while remaining totally anonymous and unpunished.

Logically, even some smart men threw themselves into this type of scam reserved only for women scammers of men when the internet did not exist.

3) If some man with balls cheated or blackmailed by women via the internet (or by a man pretending to be a woman) then the cheated man makes a regular complaint there are always dumb, stupid and crazy boys (men), stoned who for envy or other reasons for immediate hospitalization would like to prevent the man cheated by women from making a regular complaint.

I have read on the internet some male comments of dumb, foolish, crazy or drug addicted or delirious boys who justify cheating women and would even like to prevent a scammed man from making a complaint.

For some time these online scams that are perpetrated by all online dating sites exclusively to the detriment of boys (they are easy prey) and there are millions of Italian chickens that fall into all these scam sites.

I bet that among these fools there is also some Tonto male commentator present here who offends the Tonti.

In my country’s bar alone about 30 men (regulars I see often) 28 men are scammed and regularly plucked from scam dating sites online.

The most seedy and hallucinatory thing is that cheated men throw money away for nothing they delude themselves into having who knows what turns and plays with videophones to waste time and spend money.

It was 2015 when I made this depressing discovery at the bar and you wonder what shit society we live in.

For some time these telematic scams have begun to affect women as well, dumb women, however, immediately make a complaint or at least make a mess so Pandora’s box is being discovered and news is being made.

The reality is that I don’t think it can be considered a crime in the eyes of the law… how do you frame it? There is no crime called “impersonation of a babe online”. We need a new adequate law.

And if this law existed, however many men would be guilty of crimes like “impersonating cool online” to have girls send hot photos.

Also consider that almost all of these companies have offices in remote parts of the world, such as the Virgin Islands, which makes it practically impossible to proceed against them.

Let me be clear, I think that the managers of these sites and their accomplices (including those who impersonate girls) should go to forced labor for about ten years, to learn what it means to have an honest job … but it is not question of Nazifeminism or something like that: punishing the guilty is really difficult from a legal point of view.

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