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Our intention was to expose the situation and apply for a visa for humanitarian reasons, so that my father, before finishing, could meet my wife who is already today, although not yet legally, and she could also meet him personally while alive. I have seen that there is not contemplated an assumption of the nature of the one that I expose among the reasons that support the request for a visa for humanitarian reasons … My question is, how should we go to the Spanish Consulate in Bogotá, where theoretically they do not know our entire process of marriage (since it is by proxy and this is processed from Spain, with the collaboration of the Consulate of the region, Cartagena in this case) ?? What should we request? Finally, is it possible that they will take into account a request of this nature, are there precedents that they are attended to, or are they filed directly?… Thank you very much for your attention and I thank you in advance for your prompt response.

Good morning, my question is that in the Alcala registry they do not want me to receive the letter where my Spanish daughter asks that the files of her daughters be sent to Colombia, they were approved for Spanish nationality, but the person in charge tells me that she does not send any paper nowhere k he k kiera your nationality k it costs you, you advise me to go out and take the letter requesting delivery, but she says k does not receive the letter, what do I do? Do you have a lawyer here? I think or tell me that she should send the documents but she refuses, so please answer me, help me, guide me, the date where the girls must appear for their nationality is almost over, but no Can you come, I very kindly await your answer, thank you and God bless you

Good morning, tell me what my question is, because it is k as I said earlier to my daughter, they approved the nationality of the two girls, but they are in Colombia, I went with a letter to the registry to send the files to the embassy in bogota just as you told me, but the person in charge says he does not receive it, k he k would have Spanish nationality it costs him and k they have to come to Spain, they cannot right now because of their studies, so I don’t know how To whom to direct me, I am afraid if I continue to insist the lady in charge put a cross on the clients and they lose their nationality, what do I do? Will the embassy in Colombia be able to ask for the files to be sent there? Tell me, please, I beg you, the date is almost over when they have to show up here.

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