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2008. After to renew again it has given me the roots of a year from 2009 until today. Please I want to know if I have rights to recover my internal papers. Yes or no I have lived in Spain since 1975. I am of legal age. Ok, thank you very much.

No. You cannot get old papers back. Now, with rooting, you have started from the beginning. First you will have a one-year residency, then two of two years and finally the long term of five years.

Hello, thank you very much, I already have 2 years of roots and now I will also renew 2 years.

vivente: I am Cuban and since 4/4/2011 I delivered all the docs. necessary to obtain Spanish nationality and at this point I have not received any response…. how much longer do I have to wait since I am 75 years old and it seems to me that as things are going, my nationality will arrive when I am no longer in this world

Hello Vicente, I am from Romania and I live in Spain from June 2007, and my question is: can I apply for a long-term permanent residence in Spain.

I am a mrs. that I was abroad and asked to please my appointment for health reasons, I am married here in Malaga Spain and I have serious health problems of breast cancer and I need social security and it is for that reason that I present myself with you and in My sheet where I made the request they put an urgent appointment, I know you have a lot of work and I consider it, but I really need this attention from you, I am in the middle of my life, I will thank you for informing me about my appointment, thank you for your late attentions.

Maria, we are not the Immigration Office, to obtain information about your procedure you would have to contact your own Immigration Office directly, where you requested everything … Greetings

Good afternoon, I am Spanish and I have come to Brazil for five years, I was nationalized when I was in Brazil in 2012 I was born in Sao Paulo, I am 68 years old. I have been married for 25 years and I need to legalize my wife who is Brazilian and is 72 years old, what should I do? We are registered together in Barcelona, ​​what do I have to do?

Good morning, I am applying for the EU long-term residence, and one of the requirements is to have public or private health insurance … what exactly is this insurance ???? What document should I present to prove said insurance ??? thanks

Ronald, having health insurance means having guaranteed health coverage, either through Social Security (public insurance) or through insurance contracted with a private insurer …

Good afternoon I would like to know all that information.

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