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Welcome to our site on dating, and all of the communications and miscommunications that occur seemingly endlessly. Communicating face to face is hard enough much of the time!
Technology should help communications but clearly in dating often does not! Just think of how easy it is to misread a text or email or facebook message, and then throw dating into the mix to make it worse! Yowser!
At least in person you have body language, tonality of voice, and far more for your “gut” to analyze. With electronic communications it is so much more difficult!
We concentrate on the Electronic or “E” part of dating here, although we cover other topics as well.
Take your shoes off, put your feet up, and stay a while!
We also love your questions and feedback.

Our readers

Our readers range from teenagers to octogenarians, all who are actively dating or considering it (yes, lots of people in their 80s date). We concentrate on technology in dating like texting, online dating, making phone calls and more. Almost all dating has an E component these days – even if it’s someone you met through traditional means there is probably communications though a smart phone, maybe email, perhaps facebook messages and other social media.

There is so much out there it is hard to master even the basics! That’s what we are here for! We are very outgoing and social technogeeks!

We have lots to share and will be adding to this site over time, although we have active social lives and day jobs as well.

About Us

Yup, we are going to stay semi-anonymous. We don’t want someone we are dating or perhaps considering dating to google us and find this site. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but we prefer to let our potential dates and mates receive information on our schedule, at least partially.

As the saying goes, you do not immediately open the kimono and bare all! (sidenote: occasionally google yourself and do a quick look on social networks to see what shows up – you might be surprised!).

We will tell you that we are best friends, one male and one female. No, we have never dated each other. We both work in technology and have had long term relationships but clearly have not found “the one” – if they even exist. We both would like to think so!

We both done a lot, and I mean A LOT, of online dating. We have used all the major social networks at least in the past (no more Friendster and MySpace for example) and are on the happening ones now. We’ve done speed dating (and one of us still does occasionally). We text a lot, understand how to use the phone, and how to checkup potential dates online.

Sometimes we meet people in bars, coffee shops, and more, but even in those cases there is some electronic (or e) communications.